How to Find a WordPress Page on My Server

WordPress is one of the most useful and versatile website applications online. The most important thing about WordPress is that it is absolutely free and uses MySQL database framework, PHP and templates. It is worth mentioning that WordPress manages content of more than 200 million websites until 2010 and the figure is increasing every day. Mostly blogs are based on this website but many other versatile websites also use WordPress for managing their content. To find a WordPress page on a server doesn’t require you to have knowledge of editing PHP or HTML, but you need to perform elimination.


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    In the beginning, you need to view the entries on your server and for this, open your server explorer or FTP program.

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    You will need login details from your server company to activate your FTP account before you can view all the files being hosted on your server.

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    Go to the root directory for looking the WordPress files of your domain. If you are already being hosted by WordPress, the package will be installed in the root directory of your server already.

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    Suppose the name of your website is “”, you have to search the root directory for WordPress files under the directory of this name. It is an easier process, WordPress files began with the prefix of ‘wp’, like ‘wp-content’, ‘wp-admin’ and ‘wp-includes’.

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    You can search for files in other sub-folders as well. If you have a special page within, you can search in the server directory for ‘’ for WordPress.

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    You should be aware of the fact that many WordPress files have the extension of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and you can carry on a search for PHP files. Type ‘.PHP’ in the search box of your FTP program and it will locate all such files on your server.

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    After the search is finished for PHP files, you can note down the locations where these files are present in greatest numbers. Back track to those locations to find out the remaining WordPress files.

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    If you remember the name of any specific file, you can run a dedicated search for it. Any unique of graphics or picture often remains in your memory when you created the WordPress site.

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