How To Find Free Computer Training Centre

Computer training has become essential for all of us no matter what profession we tend to pursue. While there are many institutions offering highly paid advance training courses, you can also find some of them offering free training in basic computer skills. They can be working on self-help basis, being financed by a donor or a government agency to get people trained for job market placement and even companies like Microsoft offer sponsored free certification courses in MS Office and other essential applications that can help get into job market easily. Another way is that you can learn skills of the trade online. There are many information technology institutions offering online free courses in a range of computer subjects. You can choose one and benefit from the distance learning programs. It is more likely that you will find a right institution in your area, in nearby town or online that serves your computer training need. You just need to start looking for them.


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    Assess Your Training Need

    From a computer layman to a trained person, all of us need some sort of training in computer technologies to help our chances for a faster growth in our profession. You better assess your computer training need, whether it is basic or at an advance level. You have to decide beforehand what sort of training course you exactly need to enhance your computer skills.

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    Discuss With Friends

    After you have decided what course you have planned to do, discuss the idea with your friends and classmates. They might be able to know an institution that offers a course that exactly suits your training needs. They can also ask their friends if they know of any such IT centre in your area.

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    Check With Your School Office

    Some of volunteer organisations offering free computer training courses send their material to local schools, colleges and university offices to inform students about the facility. You better start with asking your educational institution office if they are aware of any such centre.

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    Check With Local Library

    Generally local communities resource centres and libraries get material in print from IT training centres on a range of courses. You can look for such course on your local library notice board, because they keep displaying brochures and pamphlets of such centres. Also, ask the librarian if they are aware of any such centres. It is also possible that any organisation has arranged to extend computer training to local people in collaboration with your local library during school holidays, and you are able to find that suits your need.

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    Search Online

    You can also search for free computer training centres online. You can select a training centre anywhere in the world offering online computer training courses, or there is a possibility that you find one that is offering courses somewhere near your town.

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    Use Online Social Networks

    You can post your computer training need, feed on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks, and anyone from your friends or contact list might be able to help. Nowadays social networks are good to spread a word.

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