How to Find Hotels in Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador is situated in South America and it is certainly a tourists’ heaven because of its historical significance and natural beauty. This country has been included in the list of 17 mega diverse countries in the world. One of its cities, Cuenca, holds the honour to be a World Heritage Site.

This cultured, art and sport loving nation welcomes countless tourists every year so getting a suitable accommodation can become an uphill task. Some hotels are expensive whereas others are not up to the mark.

However, if you are planning to visit and stay in Ecuador then following some simple tips can get you a decent hotel.


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    Plan your budget:

    The first and the foremost thing you should do is to determine your budget. You must know how much you can spend on your lodgings. Knowing your budget will definitely narrow down your options and ultimately you will be able to find a suitable hotel in much less time and effort.

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    Seek help from travel agent:

    Your travel agent can also help you in finding a decent accommodation in Ecuador. Most of the travel agents have contacts of different hotels and they can offer you some special packages also.

    Just provide your travel agent the information about your destination and they will come up with some great options. Though, you will have to spend some few bucks as commission but it will save your time and energy.

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    Discuss with friends and family:

    Conduct an in-house survey and find out if someone from social circle has visited Ecuador recently. Nothing can replace experience and your friends or family members will definitely give you some valid tips.

    Make a list of suggested hotels or resorts and then compare their services, charges, locations etc. In this way, you will be able to lock a cost-effective and approachable hotel.

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    Browse internet:

    There is no doubt that internet has eliminated all the distances and you can get the information about anything with just a single click. There are countless websites and travelogues on the internet that can really help you in finding an appropriate hotel in Ecuador. Most of the prominent hotels have their official website so you can get different packages from these websites.

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    Visit the area:

    If none of the above mentioned steps is producing the desired results then visiting the area is your best bet. Just take a walk and ask the residents for some applicable suggestions.

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