How to Find Someone’s Hotmail Email Address

Finding people by Hotmail Email Address is a very easy task as you just have to go through few very simple steps. If you are a Windows Live Hotmail user and want to locate someone with a Hotmail Email Address for either business or family reasons, then take advantage of Hotmail’s social networking element to the Windows Live site known as “Spaces.” This unique feature of Hotmail allows you to link up to other internet users and finds their Hotmail address within few seconds.

Go through the simple steps given below and find the People by Hotmail Email Address you are looking for:

Things you will to find people by Hotmail Email Address:

– Computer
– Hotmail Account
– Internet Access


  • 1

    Double click the icon of the internet browser you are currently using. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome etc.

  • 2

    Now open Hotmail’s login page.

  • 3

    Enter your Window Live ID and password into the specific fields provided and log into you Hotmail Email Account.

  • 4

    Once you sign into your Hotmail account, find the way to your Hotmail Profile page.

  • 5

    Enter the name of the specific user that you are searching for in the “Search contacts and more” text field on the right hand side of the page.

  • 6

    Click the magnifying glass icon in the right corner of the search pan. Once you click, it will provide you a list of users that match your search criteria.

  • 7

    At this moment, hit it off on the names to view their Spaces profile. This activity is helpful if you want to know more about the user than their name, like what they do, where they line, their hobbies etc. In addition to that, you can differentiate the exact user you are looking for through his or her profile picture.

  • 8

    Now, you can find the users’ email address right below his or her “Contact Information.”

  • 9

    Simply click the User’s Hotmail email address and you will be forwarded to Hotmail where you can unswervingly send him or her email and can add them to your Hotmail contact list.  On the other hand, just click “Add as a friend” located to the bottom right of the profile photo if you want to add him or her to your friend list.

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