How to Fix a Sink Aerator

A defective aerator affects functioning of the skin’s water faucet significantly. If there is something with the aerator, you may face several problems, such as water trickling, dripping, shooting out in all directions. The defective aerator also prevents the water from coming out in an even stream.

Those who know nothing about the sink’s water faucet consider creating a whole in the aerator screen as the simplest solution. Sometimes, they damage the entire faucet while making a whole in the aerator. It is totally a foolish move.

You don’t need to hire a specialist to fix the aerator. Fortunately, it is an easy procedure. The idea behind fixing the sink aerator is removing the dust and other deposits from the aerator screen and disks.

Things Required:

– Pliers or wrench
– Distilled white vinegar
– Baking soda
– Pin
– Old toothbrush
– Old towels


  • 1

    The first and the most important step is plugging the sink with its stopper. This will ensure that no important part of the faucet drops down the drain.

    Also keep an old towel nearby. It will help you stop your counter from getting all messed up. Furthermore, the towel provides a non-slippery surface that allows no important piece of the faucet to roll away.

  • 2

    It is the time to unscrew the aerator. For this, you need nothing more than pliers or a wrench. Keep one palm right under the faucet when removing the faucet, so the pieces come straight into your hands.

  • 3

    Once the aerator is properly removed, it is the time to clean it. Take a couple of cups of 100% pure distilled white vinegar, and dip the aerator screen and disks separately.

    You need to leave them in the vinegar at least for 40-60 minutes. Now lay both pieces in the correct order on your towel.

  • 4

    For the proper cleaning, sprinkle a little baking side over the aerator screen. After pouring a few drops of vinegar over the soda, start rubbing the surface with an old toothbrush. You are supposed to do it very gently, because the screen may be damaged. Similarly clean others parts of the assembly.

  • 5

    Take a sharp pin, and poke out the remaining deposits. You may wash the screen with water while using the pin.

  • 6

    Once you are done with cleaning, remove the stopper plug and run the faucet at full force. The water will drain all the deposits present in the faucet area.

  • 7

    The final step is reattaching the aerator with the help of pliers or a wrench. Your sink aerator is fixed now.

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