How to Flatter a Friend

Flatter means to compliment someone excessively or to please someone. While flattering your friend is to make them happy and to remove their sorrows.

The value of friendship can be expressed as benefit gained from a friend who is consistently showing

– Cares unconditionally

– Tendency to desire what is best for the other

– Speaks truth when it is difficult for others to speak

– Mutual understanding and compassion

– Enjoy each other’s company

– Trust each other

– Understands each other

– Make mistakes without fear

When flattering your friend you are making them happy and increasing your respect. When you please other by smiling or saying good words then you can win anyone even some who hates you.

In case you had a fight with your friend then flattering them after apologizing can make your bond stronger.


  • 1

    Award programmes at your office

    You can flatter your office friend by nominating him/her as the employee of the month or year. Similarly if there are other award programmes in your office or other work related areas then you can always confront your friend that you want him/her to win this as he/she deserves.

  • 2

    Find flaw and compliment the opposite

    If your friend wears too much make-up then give her compliment that she looks gorgeous in her natural way. Similarly you can give compliment to you friend who dresses outrageously by saying they look handsome or beautiful even in simple dressings.

  • 3

    Use the right words to flatter

    Always choose the correct words to flatter a friend. If you use a skinny word to your friend then his or her emotions can be hurt. So using word slender or slim and smart will make them happy and make their day.

  • 4

    Always see well in your friends

    Remember to always appreciate and please your friend even if it is not the case. If your friend is a little dumb or speak non-sense, see the positives in him/her and appreciate always. Express your friend that you admire his or her laugh, dressing, smartness and ignore their weaknesses.

  • 5

    Praise your friend’s hard work on the spot

    You need to appreciate or admire your friend’s hard work when you see them. If your friend has made a beautiful project then admire him/her on the spot rather than keeping it to you. You need to express yourself and praise your friend.

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