How to Follow the Sleeping Beauty Path to Fitness

While hitting the gym for a perfect body and fitness seems like an obvious choice, what most people neglect is the sleep factor in our health. Modern research indicates that people deprived of sleep do in fact appear less attractive and unhealthy as compared to those who are well rested. Proper sleep helps our skin regenerate new skin cells by replacing the dead ones. While sleeping, our body repairs itself, which if prevented by lack of sleep, adversely affects health. Sleep deprivation results in wrinkly skin, which makes you look older than you are.


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    The first thing is prioritizing your sleeping hours, which means no TV or other distractions when it is time to sleep.

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    Finish your daily chores before your sleeping hours. People all over the world miss out on their sleep just to finish their chores etc, which gradually becomes a habit, and in a matter of months you become a sleep deprived individual. This will then have a direct impact on your looks, leaving you looking tired and groggy.

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    Television is another reason behind sleep deprivation as many people stay up late watching their favourite television shows at the cost of their sleep. What they do not know is that they are gambling with their health.

    In order to retain a younger and fresh looking skin you should turn the television off or record the show to watch it the next day/weekend instead of compromising your sleeping hours.

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    Some people require a soothing music in the background for an undisturbed sleep, if this is the case then do not hesitate to use music.

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    On the other hand, some people get disturbed even with the faintest of sounds; this has an adverse effect on your health as disturbed sleep will leave you exhausted, even after sleeping for around seven to eight hours. You can resolve this issue by sound proofing your room. You can also use ear plugs to keep the sound out - these are very effective and are used by many people all over the world.

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