How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You Emotionally

Whether we admit it or not, all of us set certain expectations from each and every relation and have a tendency to get hurt emotionally when those expectations are not met. The closer the relation, the greater is the chance of getting hurt.

This is the reason why dealing with the people you love can be a very complicated situation at times. However, we must remember that every relation goes through ups and downs and we should try to be mentally prepared for any situation. Being emotionally hurt by someone does not really mean that you end the relationship; instead, you should behave in a mature manner and try to forgive that person, although forgetting the incident may not be so easy.


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    Take some time off

    If you are badly hurt by someone you really love, it is important for you to behave wisely in the situation. By giving an emotional and angry response, you can easily worsen your relationship. It is impossible to forgive a person straightaway; therefore, the ideal thing to do in such a scenario would be to take a break in the relationship. If you have been hurt emotionally by a friend, you can easily minimise contact with him for some time and can assess the situation later on.

    By spending some time away from that person will actually help you understand his/her value in your life; hence, making it easy for you to forgive him/her.

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    Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

    You can easily be selfish and see things from your own perspective only. However, this attitude will surely not help you forgive the other person. It is always important to place yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment and try to realise why he/she has hurt you.

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    Communicate with the person who hurt you

    Instead of giving an emotional response, you should calm down and talk to your friend or the spouse. Try to make him/her realise that you are emotionally hurt. It is important to talk about the root-cause of the problem if you are really willing to forgive the other person.

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    Accept the apology

    If the person, who has hurt you emotionally, realises his/her mistake and apologises sincerely, you should immediately forgive him/her from the bottom of your heart. Understand that we are all humans and it is quite natural for us to make mistakes.

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