How to Format a Script for Submission

So you have written a movie script and now you are looking for a person to finance your venture. For that, you will have to present your script to an agent or directly to the producer. What will happen if your script is poorly formatted and not presentable?

I am sure this unprofessional attitude will make that person angry and he/she will tear your submission apart. So you will have to follow the right script formatting while submitting your file. Do not worry as you can do it yourself even if you are new to the business.


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    The right material:

    First of all, you should pick the right material as any blunder can ruin your effort. The most important thing is the paper on which you will draft your script. The most common mistake people make is to use A4 paper for this purpose. Hollywood’s professional writers use 8 1/2" X 11" plain white 20 lbs paper. Make sure that your papers are properly arranged in a file and then bind them with solid brass paper fasteners.

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    Then comes the font style and size. You should use only “Courier” 12pt font. Do not do experiments or do not try even to decorate your page with different colours.

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    Title page:

    Keep your title page simple and just mention the screenplay title and then leave two spaces to put your name as writer. If you have any copyright registration number then you should not forget to mention as this can really help you in case of any dispute. You can also mention your contact information at the bottom of page. You must avoid using any colourful logos or pictures on the title page as you are a writer not a layout artist.

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    Length/ Duration:

    You should know that one page is equal to one minute of screen time so keep that factor in mind while formatting your script. Another way to calculate the duration is word count. An ideal feature film script contains 18000 to 22000 words.

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    Start writing:

    Now it’s time to write down the script. You should mention the scene number, time, location and the characters in that scene. You will add directions for the director and then the dialogues.

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    Keeping your script easy-to-read is very important otherwise your reader will get irritated and dump your script. Get a fresh, clean copy of your script on paper and make your first impression the best impression.

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