How to Get a Letter from the President

Everybody wants to receive mail as long they are not bills but to receive a letter from the President of the United States is rare. There is no denying the fact that the President stays busy most of the time dealing with complex national and foreign issues but he might find some time to reach you through a letter if you follow some simple instructions. A letter from the President of United States will not only be an accomplishment but it will also make you a star among your friends, relatives and co-workers.


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    If you are going to celebrate your 80th birthday or expecting to experience a milestone event in your life then getting a congratulatory letter from the US President can be a real possibility. Students receiving various academic awards from their universities can also expect to be contacted by the President. Furthermore, professionals who achieve a milestone can also arrange to receive this letter. You may also choose to send a request letter to the President’s office to greet your friend, children or spouse on a special day such as birthday or anniversary.

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    In your request to the President, do not forget to include key information such as the name of the person, address, date of birth and other accomplishments. Highlight any special requirements regarding whom to address (Miss, Ms., Mr., Dr., Mrs etc). Provide information about the special event including the date the celebration will take place, anniversary years or the birthday age depending on the type of event. Also, do not forget to include your own personal information like your full name, date of birth, address and mobile number when making the request to the President.

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    Send the request letter at least two months before the celebration is expected to take place. Send your mail to: The White House, Attn: Greetings Office, Washington, D.C. 20502-0039.

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    In case you are a student having special requirements from the federal government then you must highlight your achievements, plan, age, course of study, university and concerns in your request to the President.

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    If you are unable to send your request through mail, consider faxing the information to the Presidential Correspondence Fax Number.

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