How to Get a Lorry Licence in London

Lorries are basically those vehicles which help in transferring huge amount of good from one place to another. Even if the lorry driven by the driver is under his ownership or the company, a driving license is compulsory or else the government will take an action against non registered drivers. There is a proper procedure which is followed in order to issue a Lorries driving license and this article will definitely help you in acquiring a lorry license without any hassle in London.  Lorries are basically known as LGV, which stands for Large Goods Vehicle and the interesting fact is that theses heavy vehicles carry huge amount of weight which influences the entitlement of the driving license.


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    Vehicle Licensing Agency in London

    In order to get a lorry driving license you will first have to pay a visit at the vehicle licensing agency in London so that you can officially apply for the license.  Few companies who along with driving school also provide license are mentioned below:

    Department for Transport

    LGV 4 ALL

    Fortune Favours the Brave


    Recruitment Driven

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    Driving Test

    When you will apply for a lorry license you will have to give a driving test according to the requirement of the company. Lorries being a heavy goods vehicle depends upon the maximum authorized mass. The mass decides the category for the test and later on for the license as well. Like for a 7.5 tonnes maximum authorized mass you will be granted with a category C license. In the same manner if you wish to attain a license for an articulated vehicle then you will have to pass category C+E and category C.

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    Age Factor

    The age factor is yet another main condition in order to get a lorry driving license. Any person who is above 21 years he will easily be granted for the driving license after qualifying the tests.

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    Written Test

    Besides driving test you will also have to give a test in which driving and road instructions are included. This written test is as important as the driving test so passing this assessment is also necessary.

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    Medical Test

    After qualifying both tests the driver will be medically examined. This examination not only includes the physical fitness but mental fitness as well. The authorities ensures if the driver is habitual of drinking or short tempered or if he has any sort of driving fear.

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    Evaluating Outcomes

    After taking all relevant tests you will be asked to wait for few days during which the outcomes from each test is evaluated and then the authority decides whether the driver deserves to be registered or granted with the lorry driving license of London or not.

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    Informing about the Results

    In case you are not informed till the mentioned date then contact them again in order to inform about your application, usually you are informed on time whether you are registered or not.

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    Receiving License

    You will receive the license by post or you can also personally visit the office and ask them to give you your license.

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