How to Get a Talent Agent with No Experience

Getting a talent agent is sometimes very difficult but if you remain persistent it is quite a possibility that you can get a good agent who will represent you and your speciality. You can have a good voice or acting skills, which nowadays is very hard to promote in the industry, but talented agents are the people who will represent you and your skills. Talent agents work  independently or in agencies. They have contacts in different types of studios and professionals who give you chance to show your skills on a broad platform.


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    Online agencies

    There are many online talent agencies which represent you and your skills. These agencies have professional people working in and around the country who evaluate individuals for their different types of talents.

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    Earning method

    Sometime people get confused that if someone who cannot even pay these talent agencies, why he or she will be represented anywhere. However the reality is quite different. Usually the talent evaluators earn 15 - 20% on the overall earnings of any individual who initially took their services. This particular rule also applies on all types of other agents as well who are in sports or the showbiz business.

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    Professional head shots

    While making a portfolio, you should make a good high quality video as it will give a very positive impact. These types of videos or a good photo shoot will give you an instant boost as well. Many people who entered having low profiles, can give details as to how difficult it was for them to sustain in a specific industry. You can also get many informative tips from them regarding their past experiences and career.

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    Making resume or cover letter

    You should also create a good resume and cover letter as it will promote you and your talent to the world. It will also make your talent agent’s job easier. Your talent agent will appreciate the effort as it will automatically help you in your early career.

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    Send resume to different companies

    After creating a good strong cover letter and resume, now it is time to send it to different agencies or individual talent agents. It will give you a positive response as well and show results in little time.

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