How to Get an English Teaching Job in Russia

Countries where English is not the primary language, have a lot of potential for English teachers. In order to compete with the rest of the world and communicate, one should have a solid grasp on English language. Remember that teaching English does not require that it has to be your mother tongue, but if you have full knowledge of the language and are fluent in it, then it is the right job for you. For this, you must know the language well and have the heart to teach others.


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    Master the language

    In order to apply for the job, it is of utmost importance that you must first master the language. Being fluent in writing or speaking does not make you a good teacher but you should gain the knowledge of all tenses, active and passive voice and direct or indirect speech. For this, you should study the language as much as possible. Gaining a degree with majors in English or economics can be a competitive edge for you. If you have done majors in something else, you should at least try to earn the certification of English teaching as this will help in improving your chances. For this, you can seek help from online institutes and complete your certification.

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    Prepare your resume

    After you have completed your study, you must not waste time and prepare your resume as soon as you can. For this, you should check the latest trends and layouts that employers consider necessary. Remember that, every country has its own preferences and requirements, thus, you must check the CV pattern that Russian employers prefer. Do not forget to mention your latest accomplishments and experiences, if you have any.

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    Explore jobs

    Now you must start finding jobs for yourself. For this, you must check the online job portals and get register with them. On top of that, if you have a particular institute in mind, you should check their website and contact them through email. Do not forget to mention your area of interest and attach a resume to the email. Some of the Russian institutes give edge to people who are fluent in Russian language, so you might have to learn that as well.

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    Apply for jobs

    Make a list of all the jobs that you have explored and start applying to them through email as soon as you can.

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