How to Get an IEP for your Child

If your kid is suffering from a disability, you can get an IEP. It is a document that will prove that he or she needs special educational services. The IEP process looks intimidating, but it’s very crucial to get in touch and fight for your kid’s special needs. The process will follow a certain set whether you are asking for an IEP for your child, have been recommended by a school teacher or have a kid identified as deserving for the service by the state’s Child Find program. This will take some time as the system is bureaucratic.


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    Knowledge about the IEP

    IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. It is more commonly known as individual educational plan. It is a legal document that is created according to your kid’s particular special needs. It will consist of what services the kid will receive and for what purpose.

    The paper will contain the child’s placement, classification, services, goals, amount of time in a classroom, a behaviour plan if required, and other vital details. It will be produced at an IEP meeting by the parents with the teachers, therapists, psychologist, social worker and a learning expert.

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    Ask for the examination

    The first thing is to request an evaluation to know if your kid is suffering from a disability. You can do this by contacting your child’s teacher, school administrator or the school office. A teacher can request the same with the permission of the parents. Your kid will be examined by experts to determine if he actually has a disability. If you are not happy with the outcome of the evaluation, you can have him examined on your own and ask that the school system pay for this test.

    Check if he needs the special services and then make a sound educational plan for him. If the kid is said to be ineligible for the IEP, you can get a hearing to challenge the decision.

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    Go to the IEP gathering

    You can know within a month whether your child qualifies for the program and then you can set up a meeting to write the IEP document. The school will organise the gathering and tell the parents the details of the meeting. You should attend this event and it is advisable to take your private therapist as well. The IEP will be written and things such as placement, goals, services and other stuff will be finalised.

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