How to Get Bhutan Tourist Visit Visa from London

Bhutan is a land-locked country situated between China and India. It is in the east of the Himalayan Mountain range and has exceptionally beautiful valleys and terrain. Even though the British empire ruled in neighboring India, the culture of Bhutan has remain pristine and indigenous  because the country has been free from any outside influence and was never invaded or colonized by other nations. Whether it’s the 72% of Bhutan’s Lands under forest cover or being recognized as one of the top ten bio diverse places on the planet, British tourists have lots of reasons to visit and enjoy their time in Bhutan. Britons can enjoy the irresistibly gorgeous and unique architecture of the villages and view the magnificent landscape surrounded by the Gigantic Himalayas on a tourist visa. If you plan to take a break from the busy streets of London and explore Bhutan’s serene and exotic landscape then please follow our Tourist visa guideline below.

Visit: Honorary Consul of Bhutan in London


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    Country requirements

    Tourists of all nationalities (except Indian citizens) are required to get a visa-clearance letter before reaching Bhutan. The visa will be issued / stamped by immigration only after a tourist has reached Bhutan. There is no foreign embassy or mission that would grant a visa or a visa clearance letter.

    All tourists have to apply for a visa clearance letter only through a tour operator. Tourists only with visa clearance letter can board a flight and reach Bhutan.

    It is recommended to apply for a visa clearance letter several months prior to your visit. The visa processing may not take more than 10 days but still it would help in booking airline seats and other travel related formalities like accommodation etc. Air line tickets are issued only after a visa is acquired.

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    Tour Operators

    A list of authorized tour operators can also be seen from the tourism council of Bhutan website.


    Once you pick a tour operator from the above mentioned website, the tour operator will help you through the visa application formalities and also give you an estimate of the visa fee and other costs relating your trip.

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    Checklist of things required to get visa clearance letter

    The following details will be asked / required by the tour operator for processing the Bhutan tourist visa.

    a) Full name (as it appears in the passport):

    b) Occupation:

    c) Nationality:

    d) Passport No.:

    e) Date of issue:

    f) Date of expiry:

    g) Place of Issue:

    h) Date of birth:

    i) Place of birth:

    j) Permanent address:

    k) Passport Size photographs (electronic form)

    The visa clearance letter will be issued after you have paid the visa fee and full cost of your trip. Your visa clearance letter will be sent to you by the tour operator before your travel date.

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    Estimate of Visa fee and other entry Requirements

    Every visitor must pay £126 (off-season) to £158 (peak-season) per day for his / her stay. Individuals and groups of less than four people have to pay a surcharge and students and children get a discount. Your tour operator will give you the updated rate or inform about any change in the rate.

    a)       The immigration authority will issue and stamp your visa upon upon arrival after payment of $20.

    b)       Two passport size photographs are also required at the entry point.

    c)       Every visitor is required to must hold confirmed return or onward tickets. In case of onward travel complete set of all documents for the next destination.

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    Visa clearance time

    The visa processing may take around ten days.

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    Import conditions on various items

    a)      2 Cartons of Cigarettes - subject to 100 percent Customs Duty and 100 percent Sales Tax

    b)      1 bottles of  spirit - each bottle must be up to one liter size

    c)       1 bottle of perfume up to 2 ounces

    d)      50 gm of Gold

    e)      1 kg of Silver

    f)       Maximum 10 pieces of clothing whether stitched or non-stitched.

    g)      Other household or personal goods including electronics and bedding shall be limited to one piece each.

    It is highly recommended to get / confirm updated information on import of various items from your tour operator as well.

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    Prohibited or restricted Items

    All Illegal drugs, Guns, explosives and arms,  weapons / knives,  Plants, Meat and meat products , Pets, Religious or other rare cultural artifacts, harmful materials, Counterfeit currency and goods , Pornographic material, other illegal goods and any other items and goods which are prohibited by any laws or international treaties to which Bhutan has signed or vowed to abide by.

    Relevant ministries / Government departments may be contacted if you plan to take any of restricted or prohibited items.

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