How to Get Great Fares on Jet Blue

Air travel has become a part of our daily lives and many do it on a very frequent basis. There can be a various number of reasons for air travelling including it being a demand of your profession, your own fondness to travel or any other reason.

Regardless of the motivation to fly, no one minds a good deal on a ticket. Jet Blue is one of the top US airlines when it comes to travel within the country. The prices are quite reasonable and one can have even better deals if the purchase of these tickets is done at the right time.


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    Social Media Deals

    Jet Blue is quite active on social networking websites and updates offers on a regular basis so being tech savvy isn’t a bad thing for you. Make sure that you are following them on their social media webpages. Any deals that are on offer are advertised here and often due to most people now booking on the internet, they are all sold out within no time. So make sure that you are quick to respond when an offer comes, otherwise it will be gone in a jiffy.

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    The Right Days to Fly on

    Data shows that Wednesday is the best day to fly with Jet Blue. Other days that are cheaper are Saturday and Tuesday. If you are having a round trip and one of the days on which you will be travelling is a cheaper day, you will get at least one side of the trip for a lower fare. Planning a trip that falls on cheap days is even better.

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    The Right Time

    Experts believe that around the afternoon on Tuesday is the best time to book a flight. Most airlines put their sales on Monday evening. Other airlines who follow these sales as a rule of thumb will take some time and a quick reaction will be around the time mentioned above the next day. Jet Blue has been traditionally following these sales and reacts to them rather quickly but it is not a norm that they will be the leaders in putting up a sale.

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