How to Get Libya Tourist Visit Visa from London

Libya is located in North Africa and is separated from mainland Europe by the Mediterranean Sea. British visitors have a long history of travel to the country which recently went through a revolution. Tourists usually venture into Libya to explore its history and culture. Most of the country is desert and is mainly covered by the Sahara desert.  A visit to Libya is possible on an escorted tour but a local guide can also help you manage your tour around Libya. Most Libyans are a mix up of Arabs and Berber descent. The Libyan Embassy in London represents the official body of the Libyan Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the best place to start your visa process.

Visit: Libya Embassy in London


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    British Nationals

    British nationals require a visa before they are allowed to visit Libya. However, there must be a 6-month validity on your passport before you apply. If your passport shows previous travel to Israel then your application is not acceptable for travel to Libya

    Other Nationalities

    Visa is also required for all other nationalities wishing to gain access to the country. You should contact the embassy for the latest updates on how to make your application based on the country of your citizenship.

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    Application form

    An application form can be collected from the Visa section of the Libyan Embassy in London. You can pick it up during working hours from 9:00 to 13:00. You can also download the application form available at the official website of the Libya Embassy in London. However, the site is being updated and you can also download the form from the link given here.

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    Visa Requirments

    In order to obtain a visa for Libya, you must have an invitation from a company in Libya or have a booking with a tour operator with in the stae. The company or the tour operator will then submit this invitation to the Libyan immigration personel.

    a) Passport with at least 6 months validity after the end of travel in Libya and no Israeli stamp.
    b) Completed visa application form.
    c) 4 passport size photos
    d) Proof of travel insurance
    e) Hotel voucher
    f) Return air ticket and of copy of Itinerary
    g) Bank Statements for the Current Month and the last 6 months
    h) Visa authorization from the Libyan immigration office in Libya

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    Apply for Visa

    You should personally visit the embassy to file an application. You can only lodge an appplication for visa on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10AM and 11AM. Currently there is no mail in method unless you are applying through a tour operator who will lodge the application on your behalf.

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    Processing time and fee

    The tourist visa fee for a single entry visa for Libya is £65.00 which is payable with the application. The visa will be authorized after 1 days of submission.

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    Visa Collection

    The visa can be collected the next day after submission from the embassy.However, you can only come to the embassy to pick up your passport from 1PM to 2PM.

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    Document Checklist

    a) Valid passport
    b) Health /travel insurance
    c) Hotel Voucher
    d) Plane ticket
    e) Visa authorization letter
    f) All visitors are required to carry 1000$ dollars or an equivalent in another currency when entering the country

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