How to Get License for Breeding Dogs in London

Likewise all other places London is also well known for keeping dogs as pets but besides that it is also being used for the source of entertainment, owners have started breeding dogs for the purpose of greyhound racing. For the sake of the security of this friendly creature, who though are being used to entertain humans still their life is on the stake because some illiterate breeders train their dogs in a very bad manner that they end up losing their lives. The government of British announced a law that if any owner has a bitch and she gives birth to 5 or more litters during the period of 12 months they have to apply for a dog breeding license. Even if a person owns a pet shop this law is applicable for him as well. By acquiring a license the breeders will get registered and the vets and the inspection team will be given the permission to visit the breeder and see how the dogs and the bitches are being treated.


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    Breeding License Commission

    First you will have to contact the dog breeding licensing commission who will properly guide you to the complete procedure. Make sure you provide complete and true information instead of false. The contact information of the breeding authority is given below.

    The Kennel Club

    Address: 1-5 Clarges Street, Mayfair, London, Greater London W1J 8AB, United Kingdom, View Map
    : +44 870 606 6750
    Visit: The Kennel Club Website

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    Applying for Dog Breeding License

    The licensing authorities will provide you with the list of some Dog Breeding Conditions along with the Dog Breeding Application Form. You can also find these to documents online instead of visiting them.

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    Dog Breeding Acts

    Once you have filled the application form and read the conditions properly submit it, make sure it is not rejected under any dog breeding acts or else you will not be able to get the license.

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    Officer's Inspection

    When the application is submitted then the officer of the council along with the veterinary will visit the breeders in order to inspect the condition of the place where dogs are kept and the health conditions as well. If a person is applying for the license first time then this procedure is followed, it is not applicable in case of renewing the license.

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    Authority's Decision

    After inspection the authorities will let you know whether your dog breeding business is registered or it is not. In case you have not received any answer from the commission then contact UK Welcome Service. If application is rejected find out the reason due to which your breeding business was unable to get registered.  You can also appeal the local magistrate’s court.

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    Follow the rules after acquiring the license

    Once you are given the license then make sure you follow all the rules and regulations defined by the authorities. Do not forget to pay the annual license fee and keep the commission informed of any issue you are having or if any sort of incident has occurred due to which your dogs or the breeding business is affected.

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