How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

With spring season reaching death and summer arriving, you would often see armies of ants invading your house trumpeting the arrival of summer. Once the armies enter your home sweet home, they settle in several colonies such that there would be hardly a spot in your house free of ants. Their presence in the kitchen is none other than a thorn in the flesh. This is because if you leave any edible uncovered even for only a few minutes, there will be a large troop of ants invading it. In such a scenario, you would probably be going for a pest control specialist or insecticide spray. However, you can also consider some effective and simple homemade remedies that can help you get rid of ants in your house. Getting rid of ants in house is not difficult at all. What you have to is, follow the easy steps explained in this article in order to live a calm life in your ant free house.


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    Using water-vinegar Mixture

    This is one very easy method to get rid of ants in your house. Simply mix some quantity of vinegar with an equal amount of water and mix well. After the mixture is prepared, pour it inside the spray gun depending upon how much you want to use at the given point of time. Now, spray the mixture in all those areas and other areas where you see the ants trailing.

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    Hot Boiling Water

    If you could locate a colony or a nest, where the ants have built up colonies then there is one easy way to kill them all together in quick time. Gently pill some hot boiling water in the nest or the colony, ensuring that you do not end up burning yourself.

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    Chili Powder

    Chili powder is another useful natural remedy in order to get rid of the ants. Sprinkle some chili powder all along those areas that prove to be loopholes for them. You can also out it on their nest or wherever you find them trailing.

    Note: Just make sure to ask your kids to stay away from the area where you are planning to sprinkle chili powder.

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    Artificial Method: Using Ant Trap

    There are certain ant traps to get rid of the irritating ants that are easily available in the market. You set such traps near the places where the ants trail particularly.

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    Insecticide Spray

    Spray a good quality insecticide in the ant rich areas in your house. However, it is advised to spray under the cabinets in the kitchen area since ants are found more in kitchen.

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