How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bees belong to Xylocopa family of bees and are relatively larger in size as compared to other bees. There are hundreds of subspecies of these bees and they can be found anywhere around the world, especially during start of summers and spring, they occupy and roam around the houses. They are sometime mistaken as bumble bees but are completely different from each other in characteristics. Carpenter bees are pests and they need to be eliminated from the houses as they can harm your doors, windows, wooden walls etc. There are very simple techniques described below that can help you get rid of carpenter bees in no time.


  • 1

    Find the nest

    The first step is to find the nest where carpenter bees are residing and it is very easy to do so. You can look for holes in the exposed woods which can clearly predict the presence of the nests nearby.

  • 2

    Bee SpraysS

    You can make use of wasp spray or other types of bee sprays to kill the bees. Simply pour the spray in a pressurised can and then spray it inside the tunnels. You can also soak cotton and place it in the hole, which is another productive way of getting rid of carpenter bees.

  • 3

    Use dust or other insecticides

    You can also pour dust, insecticides, and wettable powders inside the tunnels leading to the nests. Amongst three of them, dust is a better option and is proven successful. You can make use of a flexible bottle with a nozzle to pour all of them inside the tunnels.

  • 4

    Fill the holes and tunnels

    You can also fill the holes created by carpenter bees by making use of caulking compound, wooden dowel or plastic wood.

  • 5

    Paint the wooden surfaces

    You can also paint the wooden surfaces to prevent any potential attacks of carpenter bees.

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