How to Get Rid Of Colic In Babies

Infant babies do not have the ability to articulate what they need or want from their parents. Therefore, they suddenly start crying to let their parents know that they are hungry, wet, in pain, or irritated. Such a restless condition in which babies cry for extended period is known as colic. It is a simple trick for babies to grab the attention of their parents but it can be very frustrating for the parents especially if it does not seem like there is something wrong with their babies. Colic, also known as infantile colic, usually starts within the first month of the birth disappears in the third or fourth month when the baby has gotten healthier and happier. It is important for all parents to know, especially the mothers that colic in babies is a natural part of their growth, as they do not have any other option to express themselves. Therefore, there is no need to worry at all, as babies with colic problem grow into a healthy, normal, and happy child. However, colic can be very irritating for you if it happen to be late at night. In such situation, you would not be able to sleep and feel a sense of inadequacy or depression in the next morning. Anyhow, gone are the days when parents used to spend several hours to handle the colic in their babies. This simple article contains some very useful methods to get rid of colic in babies.


  • 1

    Feed your baby

    Make sure to feed your baby the moment he or she starts crying as hungriness can be the reason of colic. What you have to do is, hold your baby in upright position, and start feeding until he or she stops crying. Keep feeding until one breast emptied properly and then switch to the other one. Do not forget to burp you baby for few minutes at the end of feeding.

  • 2

    Pacify your baby

    In case, your baby does not stop crying even at the end of feeding, then offer him or her pacifier. Wash the pacifier thoroughly before handing it over to your baby. Pacifiers are effective to calm the baby down.

  • 3

    Try the Five “S” Formula

    Five “S” formula is also very effective to handle the colic situation. SWADDLE your baby, place him or her on their SIDE, whisper a SSH-ING sound to his or her ear, SWING your baby, and give him or her something to SUCK on.

  • 4

    Keep your crying baby in motion

    Rocking your baby back and forth or keeping him or her in constant motion may also work out for you as it diverts the attention of your baby from colic.

  • 5

    Use gentle warmth

    A gentle and warm bath also helps to get rid of colic in babies.

  • 6

    Give your baby a soft body massage

    Another method to overcome colic in baby can be the soft body massage. Lay your cute baby down on his or her stomach on your knees and start a soft massage. You main focus should be your baby’s back shoulders area.

  • 7

    Sing to your crying baby

    If you have sweet voice, just do not waste time and start to sing for your baby. Try it and see if your sweet song may have some soothing effect on your babies’ colic.

  • 8

    Hold your baby close to your body

    Hold your baby close to your body and let him or her feel you. It works out in most of the colic situations in babies.

  • 9

    Consult a baby specialist

    At this point, your baby should be quiet and calm. However, if you still feel your baby is uncomfortable, consult a best child specialist of your area, and find out the actual reason of the baby’s crying.

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