How to Get Rid Of Cystitis Without Antibiotics

It is very important for a human body to have toxins flushed out regularly to keep good health of the body. These toxins and chemicals are normally flushed out through urine. A human body urinates about 1 to 2 liters per day, depending on the fluid intake and sometimes there is pain when urine passes due to soreness of the urinary bladder. This condition is called Cystitis and is normally caused as a result of urine infection. If we go for comparison, then Cystitis is more frequent and recurring in females than in males. If you think you have pain when the urine passes along with fever, uneasiness in lower abdomen and bad smell in urine, then these are common symptoms of Cystitis. You can always go for antibiotics but there are also a few natural ways to get rid of this problem.


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    Increased Fluid intake

    This remedy is highly recommended for most diseases and disorders. It may not be wrong to say that Cystitis occurs mostly to those who do not consume enough water. This makes the urine concentrated which later results in soreness of the bladder. Hence, it is advised that you should at least have 1 to 2 liters of water during the day, which makes 6 to 8 regular glasses.

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    Hygiene Care

    Although there is not much evidence that poor toilet hygiene is a cause of cystitis, but it is good to keep the anus and genital area as clean as possible. However, it must be understood that washing too much may go on to damage the genital skin. The best way is to wipe the anus and genital area once you are done with urine or passing stool.

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    Keep the Underwear Clean

    One way of curing Cystitis is to wear clean cotton underwear and try changing it daily. At the same time, avoid putting on skin tight trousers or tights as it will not let the air inside, making the genital area moist.

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    Avoid having Sex

    If you try to have sex during Cystitis, this may result in making it worse. Hence it is advised not to have sex till the Cystitis fully cures. If you do have sex, then urinate immediately in order to avoid urinary bladder inflammation.

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    Drink Cranberry Juice

    Although Cranberry is not known for killing bacteria as it is not an antibiotic. However, it is believed to somehow prevent bacteria from getting attached to cells in the lining of bladder and thus, prevents Cystitis. If you try to drink cranberry juice on a regular basis, then it will prevent the recurring of Cystitis.

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