How to Get Rid of Debt Without Paying

Another hectic month is over and you are eagerly waiting for the salary check or perhaps the transfer of salary into your bank account. You make a number of plans with your upcoming salary, which may involve dining out somewhere or going to a picnic with family. However, your dream is soon over when you receive a call from Debt Collector, who tells you about the monthly installment dues. You may feel like banging your phone on the floor after receiving call from the debt collector. However, this may not help you get rid of the problems. Nevertheless, there are a few legal ways to get rid debt without paying.


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    Look for Benefit and assistance programs

    Try to find out if you are eligible for any benefit or assistance program by going through the prescreening process. You can visit U.S government website for this purpose where you can find list of available benefits as well as information on assistance programs. Find potential benefits by using search tools that are helpful in order to get rid of debt. Include any medical bills, school expenses and other personal debts to prove that you are eligible for an assistance program.

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    Assistance programs and your requirements

    As you visit government benefits website, carefully fill out the confidential eligibility questionnaire. The list of benefits produced will be based on the information you provide and assistance will be according to your requirements. The search can also be conducted via government benefit and assistance programs listed state-wise, federal agency or any specific category.

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    Look for any government grants

    There is a possibility that you may qualify for any government grants. Visit the official government grants website for confirmation as the benefits and assistance programs offered by the government are quite different from the government grants.

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    Make sure that you qualify

    It is important that you know for which specific grant category you can qualify. It is quite possible that you need to prove the financial hardships you are facing because of which you want to participate in program for obtaining grant money. For instance, a teacher can work for first couple of years in an economically disadvantaged school in a job program to receive grant money to pay off any education debts.

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    Your needs and grants

    Make sure that the grants applied for should be in accordance with your needs, such that they prove to be helpful in achieving your goals. The actual concept of these government grants is providing assistance to people for attaining any personal benefits through funds that need not to be repaid like loans. Hence, in other words, people and businesses can get rid of loans without paying them.

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