How to Get Rid of Door-to-Door Religious Solicitors

Despite all the scientific innovations and technological revolutions of the previous century, religion continues to play an extremely important role in human societies. Due to the problems created by fanatic theocrats over the previous centuries, many countries have decided to separate religion from politics. In most western countries, religion is considered to be the personal matter of each individual; however, we still witness religious solicitors at our doorsteps very often. This can be an extremely awkward situation as you would not want to spend any time listening to the religious solicitors, and would not want to be harsh or rude to them at the same time.

Things Required:

– Mobile phone or cordless
– Towel


  • 1

    Have knowledge about your religion

    One of the biggest misfortunes of the current world is that people have become so busy in their worldly desires and pursuits that most of them do not have appropriate knowledge about their religion. Owing to this, it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to deal with the door-to-door religious solicitors. No matter what religion you belong to, you should do proper research about your faith and the history of your religion. This way you can easily defend your beliefs and politely refuse any offers.

  • 2

    Give them an excuse

    Once a religious solicitor rings your doorbell, you must not lose patience and be polite with them in the beginning. Have a smile on your face and tell them that you are busy and have to go somewhere. On top of that, you can make it clear to them that you do not want to discuss your faith with other people at any cost. If they listen to you, gently ask them not to come again.

  • 3

    Behave like a foreigner

    One of the best techniques to get rid of door-to-door religious solicitors is to behave like a foreigner. Upon opening the door, you should listen to the solicitor for a few seconds with a puzzled expression on your face, and then speak in a foreign language. This will urge them to stop the persuasion and give up on you.

  • 4

    Pretend to be on the phone

    Grab your cordless or mobile phone and open the door while pretending that you are talking to someone. When you open the door, tell them immediately that you are busy and ask them not to come again.

  • 5

    Open the door without your pants on

    If all else fails, and you happen to be extremely desperate, you might consider resorting to opening the door without your pants on, as a last ditch effort. Make sure you have a towel wrapped around your waist, to keep your dignity intact. While this isn't exactly recommended, it would certainly be very effective in helping you get rid of the solicitors very quickly.

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