How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto Bugs, also identified as water bugs or American Cockroaches, are not afraid of you at all. They can find their way into your house any time they want. These annoying winged cockroaches love to live in unhygienic and unwelcoming environments. So you can understand how many germs they will be carrying. Moreover, their rapid reproduction rate can make conditions unbearable for you as they lay 16 eggs at one time. Though it may seem like a challenging task to control these annoying house pets, but useful methods are available to get rid of Palmetto Bugs.


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    Close their entry points

    Close all the possible entries for palmetto bugs. Seal all the openings around doors, windows and walls of your house or caulk them properly. Keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible for you.

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    Palmetto bugs don’t like cleanliness

    Palmetto bugs attract towards dirty place and equipments. Keep the internal environment of your house clean to make it unattractive for the palmetto bugs. Wash the utensils once you had meal and cover them properly. Keep the food items covered all the time. Always use dustbins with lids to keep the close once you throw in the wastes. Dispose your house garbage and clean the washrooms on daily basis.

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    Clean area around your house

    Do away with the standing water and possible sources of garbage or wastes within the area of your house in order to discourage the arrival and reproduction of Palmetto bugs. Once they breed in your surroundings, you simply cannot stop them from entering into your zone.

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    Boric Acid

    Boric acid is one of the best remedies to do away with the Palmetto bugs. Sprinkle it on the places usually visited by the American Cockroaches. Moreover, apply it to areas like baseboards, below counters, and gloomy areas such as closets, as they are the Palmetto bugs’ favourite places to hide. To stop the entry their entry into your house, spray some of the boric acid around the external entrances to your place.

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    Try Cockroach Baits

    Take advantage of the easily available cockroach baits in the market and use them to get rid of palmetto bugs in your home sweet home.

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    Remove Water’s Sources

    Remove all the sources of water or keep them covered all the time as moisture attracts these exasperating house pets and provide with a reason to survive. Moreover, fix up all the leaking sinks, taps, tubs, faucets and showers to make conditions miserable for the palmetto bugs.

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