How to Get Smoother Skin

Everyone wants a skin that is smooth and has a healthy shine as it is a representation of youth, liveliness and wellness. Unluckily, external factors including environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays and climatic changes badly make it a difficult task to achieve. However, these excuses are not enough to carry on with rough and dry skin. It is not as if you need any miracle products to get smoother skin. Getting smoother and glowing skin is all about adopting some simple but effective ways while keeping your skin texture in mind. Smooth skin is a clear representation of youth, vitality and wellness. Start your way there!


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    Protect your skin from sunlight

    Protecting your skin from harmful ultra violet rays must be your top priority during your struggle to get a smoother skin. There are two best possible options to avoid sun rays. First, cover your body before stepping into sunlight. Wear gloves, glasses, hats, covered shoes for this purpose. Moreover, wear white color in summers and avoid black at any cost as it absorbs sunlight. Secondly, apply a sunscreen lotion with ample amount of SPF, depending on your locality's climate.

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    Keep yourself hydrated

    Being dehydrated can cause your skin to be rough and dry.  Therefore, try your best to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water, which is the best natural way to keep yourself hydrated.

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    Healthy diet

    If you really want a smoother skin, then you have to make a long-term healthy diet plan containing proper amount of vegetables, fruits, pulses, and meat etc. Vitamins, especially Vitamin A and C are the most essential elements to make your skin smooth and fit. Cut down the use of alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and tea etc.

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    Keep your skin clean

    Good hygiene is imperative to smoother skin. Take a bath early in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. Hot water causes skin dryness therefore try to use cold water when taking bath or washing your face. Make sure to avoid drying bath products and prefer products with a gentle amount of cleanser. Pat your body dry after shower and apply a good quality moisturizing cream or lotion.

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    Use a moisturizing cream every day

    Once you step out of the bath or shower and wipe your body dry, do not forget to apply a fine quality moisturizer cream. It helps in locking the moisturizer inside your skin, keeping it glowing and smooth all the time.

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    Take off your makeup in the evening

    Do not forget to take off the applied makeup in the evening prior to sleeping. Wash your face with a few splashes of cold water and pour some good quality cleanser into your palm. Spread it on your palms and apply it to your face, keeping your eyes closed. Massage with circular strokes for 5 to 8 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Softly wipe your face dry with a soft towel or tissue paper.

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    Keep an eye on your weight and exercise

    An under-control weight contributes to making your skin smooth. Regular light exercises like jogging, swimming, walking and running etc can do wonders in making your skin smoother. Exercises help in improving the blood circulation in the body, providing you with smoother skin in return.

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    Take steam bath

    Steam bath is another useful way to get smooth skin. Make sure to take a steam bath at least once in a week in order to open the pores of your skin and to remove dust particle at the bottom of the pores.

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    Exfoliate your skin

    You do not need any appointment with a beautician for exfoliation as you can do it yourself at home. Mix one tablespoon of sugar with same quantity of olive oil and rub this mixture gently on your face in circular motion. Leave it for a few minutes and let the mixture do its work. Wash off after 5-10 minutes.

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    Say good bye to stress

    Stress is another reason of dull skin with unwanted wrinkles. Therefore, it is better to stay cool and avoid stress if you really want to enjoy a healthy and smoother skin.

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