How To Get TESOL Certification

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is not a recognized degree or diploma program. It is just a certificate course, which you can get in parallel to your university or college education. It is better to have degree level qualification if you tend to pursue English teaching as a career, which most people do these days. For example, volunteers and professional from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking countries teach English language in China, India and many African and other countries, where English is not spoken or understood as first language.

It is not necessary that having TESOL is enough to teach English in any country because many countries ask for knowing and speaking more than one languages, especially their local language. Also, many countries ask for a proper teacher’s course besides TESOL to qualify for English teaching. It is nevertheless generally accepted qualification in all countries, whether or not there is an additional requirement. It is also an accepted certificate for those who teach English in Europe or the U.S. to migrant communities. Since it involves studies and practical teaching experience, it is enough to give you some teaching experience, but before becoming a teacher you might have to fulfil some other requirements. So make sure you are aware of all those beforehand.


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    Assess Your Plan, Requirement:

    First of all, you should be able to assess what you need to achieve out of TESOL certification. If you tend to pursue English teaching as a career, it is the most essential training course for you, whether or not you are asked to have proper teacher's training certification as well. So getting TESOL certification is always helpful for you to try yourself in English teaching career.

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    Know Requirements of Country You Plan To Teach In:

    You should know requirements of the country where you plan to pursue your career as an English teacher. If the country requires you to pass a local exam or has a proper teacher's training course in addition to TESOL, you should be aware and ready to meet these requirements. You may shun plans of moving to that country and pursue teaching plans in another country which has rather relaxed conditions.

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    Getting TESOL Certificate:

    To enrol for TESOL certification is not that difficult. You can fulfil this ambition while studying at college or university. It involves a part of studies and a part of practical teaching training. The certificate is not awarded until you need the requirement of teaching for a certain number of hours. So this gives you practical teaching experience.

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    Training and Experience:

    It is better to have more training along with TESOL and after getting certificate. Since you are going to be involved in teaching career, teaching students before moving to the country you plan to pursue your career in is essential. Some countries can even wave other requirements if you have a substantial teaching experience. So consider the training aspect as a great value to your certificate.

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