How to Give Tours on Club Penguin

A project of Disney, Club Penguin is a popular free game site online, which gives each player a personalised penguin avatar that can be used to play games, chat with other members, and explore the site. Club Penguin also has a safe chat feature which is a great option for children. In addition to playing games, making new friends, and enjoying the different features the site has to offer, experienced “penguins” can also sign up to give tours to newer penguins.


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    Start by ensuring you fit the criteria. A penguin must be at least 45 days old before it can be eligible to give tours on Club Penguin. If you fit the bill, and have not been banned anytime during the last month, you can become a tour guide on Club Penguin. To apply for a position, visit the ski village, and click on the tour booth.

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    Next, you will be required to take a short quiz, in order to determine whether you have the required level of familiarity with Club Penguin to start giving tours. The quiz will include questions about specific locations on the site, as well as the activities available at particular locations on Club Penguin. Make sure you are well-acquainted with the site before you go for this.

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    Once you pass the quiz, you will be granted a tour guide hat, which will be visible in your inventory. Before you start giving the tour, remove all clothes and accessories from your penguin, and put on the tour guide hat alone.

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    Then, go to the ski village, click on the actions button for your penguin, and select “wave”. Once you do this, your penguin will automatically hold up a sign that says “Tours Here”. Keep holding up this sign until you have gathered a group of at least 3 to 6 penguins.

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    Now, proceed to begin the tour by asking the new penguins if there is a particular location they are interested in visiting. However, if the newbies do not have any preferences, simply take them to popular locations, such as the town and the plaza.

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    While visiting different places, point out objects and activities of interest to the new penguins. Recommend games that are more fun, or can win you more coins, and engage in conversation with the group, answering any queries they might have.

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    Once you have taken them all around the site, have a final question and answer session. Then, proceed to end the tour – thank the penguins and let them know that they can talk to other penguins if they need help or directions.

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