How to Go to Confession for the First Time

Confession of sins is a step next to realisation that you have been doing bad things and against the rules of the nature. So it is good that you are finally preparing to let it out to your religious leader once and for all. You can confess your sins anywhere and whenever your want, because God is everywhere and He can listen to what you have to say and even merit of what you are saying. Still a worship place i.e. mosque, church and temple is the right place to confess, seek forgiveness and purity from God. You may also talk to the prayer leader there and read holy books for your purification.

Going to confession for the first time is not easy because it takes a lot courage to confess and admit your sins and even a greater move to resolve that you will not be doing them or at least try avoiding them in future. But when you have become conscious, there is no shame to admit what wrong you have done to others and to yourself.


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    Explore Yourself

    Before going to confess your sins, you should ask yourself: Have you really come to the point that you are eager to refrain from doing sins anymore. It is not just simply going in a worship place, make confession and then back to the old habits. If you think you have honestly changed inside then it is time for you to go for confession and seek forgiveness from God.

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    Purify Yourself

    Sometimes the present state of a person is not suitable for going to the worship place. For example, if he has been living drinking alcohol and womanizing, he should first get himself bathed and put on clean clothes. There is no as such requirement from the God that what you should wear and how you should look but you have to be clean and tidy before going to make your first confession.

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    Act of Confession

    If you are making your first confession in front of a religious leader, let it out without worrying, since God knows everything you have done and He just cares about your intention not words. God is very closer to each one of us and the minute we feel sorry for what sins we have committed He becomes kind, forgiving and giving. It is only a matter of time when we pray for His mercy, not how we pray.

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    Stick to Your Confession

    Confession is not just narrating a series of sins you have committed, but it is a commitment from you inside that you will avoid committing them again in future. You should immediately repent if you again do something wrong mistakenly but try to avoid doing anything bad on purpose.

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