How to Hang a Mirror on a Wall

Wall mirrors are one among the attractive home decoration items. They not only enhance the overall look of your home sweet home but facilitates you check out how you are looking. Are you now impressed by the wall mirrors? Do you want to install them? Let’s face it then; hanging a mirror on a wall has never been as easy as it seems like. However, it is not that difficult as more as the step by step makes the procedure to hang a mirror simple. So it is the time to hang the selected mirror on the wall. After all, the decoration of our house and your self-image deserves everything best.

Things required:

– Carpenter’s level or measuring scale
– Lead pencil
– J-clip
– Electric drill
– Wall Mirror


  • 1

    Use a carpenter's level or measuring scale to draw a guideline on the selected area of the wall in order to properly position the bottom of the mirror's location.

  • 2

    Hold the mirror up and mark the exact location of the hook at its back, using a lead pencil. Set the mirror aside until you install the J-clip.

  • 3

    Bore a hole on the mark using an electric drill and fix the main j-clip into it.

  • 4

    Cautiously lift the mirror and rest it into the j-clip. Fiddle the hanged mirror to make sure that it hangs squarely.

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