How to Hang Basement Drywall

Finishing basement is a difficult task but when you achieve your goal, you will have an extra room for use. You can make it either your guest room or can make it a play room.

In finishing a basement, the most difficult part is to hand drywalls. However, the overall cost for finishing a basement is low and thus it will provide you extra space with little price.

Things Required:

– Nails or screws
– Masonry screws
– Drywall screws
– Hammer
– Electric drill
– Tape measure
– Level
– Drywall plaster
– Trowel
– Cutter
– Sandpaper


  • 1

    Calculate the length and width of the wall

    First you need to determine the area of the wall which you are covering with the drywall. Remember it should be of wood. In case you have cemented or concrete walls then you need to make it in wood form.

  • 2

    Build the wood form

    Then you need to make the wood form on which you can attach the drywall. The form needs to have a top and bottom runner and should be based on vertical boards which are placed after ever 24 inches.

    You are required to have 2 by 2 or 1 by 4 inch boards in order to make the form. Then use a pressure treated lumber to make the wood form.

    Later use masonry screws to attach these boards to the wall.

  • 3

    Get drywall into the basement

    Next you need to bring drywall into the basement and apply it. Standard height of basement is eight feet and drywall comes in the size of 4 by 8 foot. Thus you can easily bring drywalls into the basement and apply it.

    Remember to start from a corner and attach the drywall suing screws. You need to place screws in the middle, along the side and the top and bottom runners.

  • 4

    Continue applying drywall sheets

    After attaching one sheet of drywall to the form, you need to repeat the process and continue applying the drywall sheets.

    Remember that you might need to cut according to space left in order to place the final drywall sheet.

    Determine the space left to apply the final sheet. Measure it and then cut the sheet accordingly. You need to mark measurements on the sheet for the last portion of the wall. Then cut the required drywall portion by a razor-blade cutter.

  • 5

    Repeat the process for other walls

    You need to repeat the process for other walls of the basement. Then put small quantity of drywall plaster on screws and cover the seams with plaster sparingly.

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