How to Have a Spiritual Experience

Living a peaceful and prosperous life has become extremely difficult these days because of the ever increasing materialism in our societies. Fed up of worldly desires, more and more people are tilting towards spirituality, although it was confined to a very limited number of practitioners in the previous few decades. To have peace of mind, happiness, joy, bliss and a feeling of oneness, countless people look for spiritual experiences. Enhancing your spirituality is not a very difficult task; however, it requires immense effort and concentration, and the willingness to sacrifice at a personal level.

Things Required:

– Spiritual books
– Prayer or meditation mat


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    Be selfless

    The first step towards experiencing spirituality is to become selfless. Selfish people, who are unable to see beyond themselves, will never be able to understand the true essence of spirituality. Instead of loving materialistic things, you should start to love God and His creations.

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    In order to have a spiritual experience, you must start to pray regularly. No matter what religion you belong to, you should focus on establishing a strong connection with God. If you have not been praying regularly in the past, keep in mind that you will find it hard to pray initially and you may not enjoy the experience at first. However, with the passage of time, you will start to love the time you spend connecting with your Creator, if you are sincere in your worship.

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    Meditation is an extremely effective way to have a spiritual experience. It helps you get rid of the frustration that you have acquired while running after your worldly needs. If you practice meditation in the correct manner, it will purify your soul and you will naturally feel inner peace.

    Learning to meditate is not very difficult in the current world as there are many meditation schools in all the major cities of every country. Apart from that, you can also research different meditation techniques over the internet.

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    Spend time in isolation

    If you wish to have a spiritual experience, you must spend some time in isolation every single day. Just go for a long walk alone or sit in a park near your home. Talking to yourself (out loud or internally) is an important part of spirituality, as it takes you away from worldly tensions, and allows you to reflect on things.

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