How to Heal Cold Sore on Lips

Cold sores are blisters filled with a fluid that appeasr on the area around the lips, gums and mouth. They are usually accompanied with swollen glands and a feverish feeling. These sores seem to appear whenever we are bracing ourselves for a big day, be it a wedding or an interview. This is because one major reason of them is stress and anxiety. Other reasons include illness, fatigue and dietary imbalance. These sores not only affect your physical appearance but also give you a feverish feeling leaving you exhausted and fatigued. To make things worse, they are contagious. So you are at the risk of spreading it to others and even to your own body parts. Luckily, there are treatments available to relieve you of these monstrous blisters. Although the body eventually gets rid of them itself, it usually two to three weeks which is a hard wait.

Things Required:

– Over-the-counter cold sore treatment
– Soap
– Towels


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    Lip treatments:

    If you do not want to move on to medication yet, there are certain lip balms and jellies with natural ingredients that speed up healing. Lemon balm is one such balm which has antiviral properties. Since cold sores are caused by a virus, lemon is effective against them. Petroleum jelly also speed up recovery and prevents your from touching the infected area and spreading the infection. However, much that you would want to disguise the sore area, do not use make up on it. It will aggravate the situation.

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    Cold sore medications:

    Medication for cold sores is available, in usually gel form in a tube. These are usually available over the counter. It is best to start medication right when you start feeling the tingling around your lips. These medicines usually include docosonal or benzyl alcohol which are effective against the sores.  Wash your face and hands well with warm water and soap before starting. Now use your fingers to apply the gel or cream on to the affected area and massage it in. Do this as many as five times a day to heal the sores quickly. Some common brand names for these medicines are Abreva and Zilactin.

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    Care and caution:

    Prevention of further spread is as important as the treatment itself. Cold sores are extremely contagious. If you do treat the present infected area without proper care of containing it, you might end up with someone in the family or work catching it or a different part of your own body. Limit sharing food utensils and personal hygiene products. Refrain from kissing and or any physical contact that involves the infected part. Do not touch the infected part with your hands and wash them.

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