How to Help a Child Deal with Tragedy

Children usually become terrified with different event especially those that create violence. Sometimes, an incident become traumatic for many kids and in this tragic condition they always try to seek help from their parents or patrons. You can help your child to deal with tragedy easily by observing his or her habits and by supporting him or her at the time of distress or tragedy. Sensitive children take more effect off incidents and if your child is also sensitive then you should be extra careful. Keep reading to learn more how you can help your child to deal with tragedy.


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    First of all, you need to talk to your child about the bad or tragic incident and carefully listen what he or she says. It will help you to identify how much your child is terrified or how much effects the incident has created on his or her mind.

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    Keep observing that your child is doing the routine tasks normally or there is something different. Usually any tragedy completely disturbs the routine of children and they do not perform their daily tasks as they used to be.

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    Encourage your child to participate in family activities like meeting cousins and siblings and try your best to keep them busy.

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    Try your best to convince your child for meeting with his or her friends which will help in reducing the effects of the tragedy on his or her mind.

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    If your child is eager to listen news, make sure you keep away him or her from news especially when he or she is in a tragic condition. Bad news will create a negative impact and your child’s mental condition will become worst.

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    Stay close to your child especially when he or she is at home. Try to do such things that make your child happy like preparing his or her favourite food and talking about his or her hobbies etc.

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    Do not let your child live alone which will not help him or her to deal with the tragedy effectively. Staying alone can create negative effects on your child’s mind. So, you need to keep him engaged with something that diverts his or her concentration.

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    However, take help from a professional counsellor if you think that your child is in deep shock and your efforts fail to pull him or her out of the tragic condition.

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