How to Hide and Reduce Rosacea Redness

Rosacea is a skin disease which can facial redness and at time pimples. Redness caused by rosacea can be irritating as well as frustrating, especially if you were looking forward to a vacation that you might have to miss because of facial redness. There are a number of ways to hide and eventually reduce redness caused by rosacea. Here is what you will need to successfully prevent, treat, and cover up facial redness from rosacea.

Things Required:

– A gentle redness reducing and/or sensitive skin cleanser
– A redness reducing moisturizer with sunscreen
– Quality mineral makeup


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    Diagnosis is the first step towards proper cure and prevention. Consult a doctor for a complete medical examination. Since there a number of skin diseases that cause facial redness, you would want to ensure that it is rosacea causing the facial redness.

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    If the doctor finds rosacea in the diagnosis, make it a routine to apply a gentle cleanser on your face in circular motions. It would be best to repeat the gentle cleanser treatment every 12 hours at the most. Make use of warm water because hot or cold water can create further problems. Furthermore, avoid rubbing your face with a towel to clean your face. Instead, let your face air dry or pat dry it with a towel.

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    Put on a quality moisturiser specifically manufactured for sensitive skin and/or redness reduction. Make sure you put on the moisture while your skin is still warm. This will help absorption of the moisturiser.

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    Use a soft kabuki brush to apply quality mineral makeup. Shimmer powder works well to hide facial redness because it reflects lights off of your face. You are at liberty to do the eye or lip makeup according to your choice.

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    To prevent rosacea from triggering frequently, avoid going into direct sunlight. Moreover, avoid situations where rapid temperature changes occur such as allowing a gush of cold winter wind into your car. Ask your doctor about to suggest a diet plan. Keep in mind that you will have to stick to this routine for at least a few months. Do not grow impatient if you do not notice a change immediately.

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