How to Hide New Religious Beliefs from Parents

Choosing to embrace a religion different from that of your parents, especially at a younger age, is not always easy to do. Unlike popular belief, there are many conservative households in the West and even more in the East which would go bazzerk if they came to know about their children changing beliefs, which could emotionally tear them apart. When choosing a new religion, it should be done with utmost dedication and determination after having thoroughly studying it and asking yourself why this is the right faith for you.

Some households may not follow religion at all, which is why if you do, there could be similar problems but through proper guidance, you too can hide new religious beliefs from your parents.


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    Continue Following Their Path

    Your heart may not want to accept the fact that your parents are calling you out to go to church, or any other place of worship for that matter like every Sunday, but in order to keep your different views hidden, you need to continue acting normal until it can be avoided.

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    Open Mindedness

    The key to accepting your belief and the belief of others is to have an open mind. You need to realize that everyone has their own faith and why they stick to it is their own personal matter. You can dictate your parents, nor should they dictate it to you. Continue studying what there religion is and how it compares to the one you have chosen for yourself.

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    Controversial Topics

    Since your parents do not know that you have chosen a different belief system for yourself, you cannot seem angered or compulsive when religion is being discussed by them, or anyone for that matter. Try and listen politely and see what they have to say. You can also try and add some logic if you see that it is missing in some places and ask them why it is such.

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    Religious Material

    Every religion has some sort of material that is required to be read and learned from, but in this case, you cannot have any of it around your parents. You need to keep it hidden or try and get all of your information from the internet, which is not hard to do nowadays, but make sure it is confirmed and not fake.

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    Discuss with your Parents

    In the end, they are your parents and did raise you throughout your life. They have a right to know about your decision. Talk to them politely and try to make them understand and eventually, things will turn out for the better.

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