How to Host a Moroccan Themed Party

Moroccan themed parties are just a way to spend some exotic time with your friends and get a taste of Middle Eastern delights. You need to be aware of the Moroccan customs and culture in order to successfully host a themed party. Throwing a middle-eastern theme party is easier as compared to a specific Moroccan themed one. The main contents of this party are hookahs and belly dancing. Keep reading this article to learn how to host a Moroccan themed party.


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    The first thing is to make a proper invitation for the guests. The invitations will also give you a rough idea of how many people to expect. Moroccan themed parties are an excuse to fill your lungs with smoke along with your friends. It is recommended that you clearly mention the dress code in the invitations and since it is a Moroccan party, the guests need to wear Middle Eastern dresses.

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    Once the invitations have been sent, you need to decorate the area where the party is supposed to be held. If you are planning to rent a hall in a hotel then it is important that you let the hotel management know what you want. However, this party can easily be arranged in your house as well.

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    You need to arrange synthetic but colourful chiffon and secure it to the wall. You will have to use pins to keep the chiffon in place or you can also use transparent tape. Just arrange the chiffon so that you can create a billowing drape effect.

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    For the seating arrangement you need to get low tables with pillows. If you cannot find low tables then stack some books and place a piece of plywood on top and drape it with a Moroccan printed fabric.  Just be sure that the fabric touches the floor, covering the books.

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    You now need to collect fruit flavoured tobacco for the hookahs as you will be placing them with every table. Remember a Moroccan themed party is incomplete without the hookahs.

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    You need to set up a room, where the guests can change their clothes and the women can decorate bare bellies.

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    You need belly dancing in this party, so either get some tips from a local Middle Eastern belly dancing class or slip in a tutorial DVD and see if any of your guests is brave enough to start dancing.

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