How to Host an Online Yard Sale

Yard sales are one of the interesting aspects of our daily lives. One can sell or buy just about anything that is used for a decent price. The best part is that as it is at your home, you will not be paying anything for hosting it, so all the proceeds are yours.

If you wish to take the concept to the next level, you can try and host an online yard sale. It is something that is new but can be effective in catering to a larger audience. Make the right moves and you should sell everything.


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    Time of Sale

    Usually weekends are the best time to have a yard sale on. So you can set the event on a social media website for the weekend. Ideally have the sale open on both Saturday and Sunday but if you feel that there are many people who will be interested in the sale or you do not have enough things to last two days; just Sunday will be fine as well.

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    Promote it

    Now it’s not just about promoting it online. Also promote it in physical locations such as the local grocery stores and restaurant announcement boards. Make sure that you do it in advance as a last minute ad will not be getting too many people interested. Also use social media websites to promote as people who know you will come and also spread the word. Set up a page for the purpose and encourage peers to post links to their timelines.

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    The Right Prices

    Do not over price items and also do not resort to ideas of selling them too cheaply to get rid of them. Have reasonable prices so that people maintain their interest. This is important as both high and low prices will make the buyers go away for different reasons.

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    Make sure that you have your email open at all times during the sale and if someone inquires about the product, you can answer them right away. Getting an answer within a short time actually excites the buyers and builds a positive image of you in their minds. The chances of selling also increase with quick responses.

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    Flexible Payment Options

    Cash should be the priority but if you have a Paypal account, you can also take the payment through that route. This flexibility will be good to attract more buyers.

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