How to Hotwire a Golf Cart

Going to play golf is something which you should try to do every now and then. This is because it is a fun sport, and it is most probably going to be the only sport which you will play when you get old, since you can’t play any of the high paced, high intensity sports then.

However, the one part of playing golf which really appeals to people, is the ride in the golf cart. The golf cart proves to be a brilliant vehicle to drive around in, and it is something which people just can’t get enough of.

Some people even get a golf cart to keep it at home, but this proves to be a little challenging. Every now and then they lose the keys to the cart, and they have no option but to hot wire. However, not many people know just how to hot wire a golf cart, even though it is really simple. 4


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    Now the first thing you want to do is to go on and sit inside the golf cart. Don't just sit anywhere in the cart, make sure you are sitting in the driver's seat and that the ignition area is close by and in your reach. Sitting anywhere else will just make the whole thing a whole lot more difficult.

    Now once you are here, go on and flick the power switch. This should be very easy to do.

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    After you have flicked and turned on the power switch, you are going to have to do some searching. Go on and try and find the two wires which lead to the ignition switch. Now it might take a while to do this, and you might even have to remove a panel on your way to finding these wires. However, take as much time as you need.

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    Once once you have found these two wires, go on and get yourself a knife, or any other tool with which to cut them open. Once you have the cutter, go on and strip off about half an inch of insulation from each one of these wires. Make sure you only take off the insulation since you need to use the rest of the wire.

    Once the insulation is off, go on and twist the two ends of the wire together. Try doing this while wearing gloves. Once the wires connect the cart should start almost immediately. You can also go on and use electric tape to hold the whole thing in place, once you have connected the wires.

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