How to Improve Lung Capacity for Running

An individual can never turn himself/herself into a successful athlete without strong lungs. No matter which sport you play, it is hard to maintain the standards without good stamina, and that entirely depends on the lung capacity. While there aren’t any ways to increase the size of the lungs permanently, it is quite possible to enhance the lung capacity.

There is no rocket science involved in this. A few very simple exercises could help your cause to a great deal. However, it is a nonstop process. Once the lungs have become efficient, you are required to keep doing the exercises. Otherwise, your entire hard work will be wasted.


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    Deep Breaths

    The basic exercise to make the lungs efficient is taking breaths deeply. It requires no investment or physical training. Try to inhale as much air as possible, and keep it in your lungs for a few moments. It should be done early in the morning, when the air is fresh.

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    Splash Water on Your Face

    While the air is in your lungs, splash fresh water on your face. According to the scientist, this activity significantly accelerates bradycardia. Try to use cold water, but not icy. The icy water won’t allow you to keep the air in your lungs for a long time. It could also cause hyperventilation.

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    Relax Muscles

    Take long breaths and while the air in your lungs, try to relax your muscles. Closing the eyes is the best trick in this regard. The idea is to save as much energy as possible. The lesser the energy you utilise, the better the result would be.

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    Water Exercises

    Water exercises are certainly helpful in increasing the lung capacity. Spending some time in the pool after heavy workout in the gym is a great idea. After inhaling a lot of air, dip your head in the water and stay there as long as possible. Swimming in itself is also a great way to enhance your stamina.

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    Rigorous Cardiovascular Activities

    Physical training is another important part of this procedure. Anything exhausting could help your improve your stamina. Experts recommend that a person should at least spend 30 minutes in the gym for better lung capacity. Aerobics, swimming, cycling and sprints are really useful exercises.

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    Play Wind Instrument

    Playing a wind instrument is an interesting and effective way of improving lung capacity. Do not worry about the composition, because the main focus should be on taking breaths while playing.

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