How to Improve Triple Jump

A hop, a step, and a jump explains the triple jump. It involves a great composure of run, landing and rhythm at all three stages. Losing balance even in one can spoil the whole effort and the jumper fails to exploit his potential to a maximum level. The best way to improve triple jump or improve in each stretch of triple jump is extensive drill or practice, but that has to be in proper rhythm. Jumping without a rhythm and plan is useless and it will not help you to make the most out of your effort.

It is the best way to practise in a supervised environment, with your coach or a senior player keeping an eye on you, observing your each step and then helping you overcome the mistakes and shortcomings.

Achieving perfection in execution and completion of all three stages is a must to take out maximum from your triple jump effort, and they have to be executed in a right balance or composure of your body. Also, how you take off is also very important.


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    Foot Strike Pattern

    First thing for you to learn as an athlete is the right foot strike pattern. It is even more important in triple jump, because you rotate landing on your foot in each of the two steps before jumping on both feet. So keep strike pattern in great rhythm and balance.

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    Proper Rhythm

    In triple jump, execution of each step is crucial, and it has to be in well rhythm and composure. A little wobble or inconsistency in rhythm of each step will spoil the entire jump execution.

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    Develop Hopping

    There are many methods used by athletes to improve or develop hopping. One way is that you can use push cart to push and hop on each foot. You can also develop hopping in sand. It is better to continuously gauge your performance and improvement and try to rectify mistakes.

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    Running Start

    It is also important how you start running and at what distance you start from. Generally you can start at 10 meter distance and land on the take-off foot, then land on the opposite foot in the second phase of the jump in the sand before landing on your both feet.

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    Stretch Distance of Take-Off Foot

    You should walk with swing of both arms and stretching the take-off foot distance. Also, you can take single stretched jumps on the sand to stretch your take-off foot distance so that you are able to cover much distance on first landing.

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