How to Increase Business Productivity

In this age of information technology and automation, productivity of a business activity can be increased manifold. It requires investment in resources and automation. There are many other ways to add up to the present level of production of a business. This includes time efficiency, motivation of staff and use of other tools.

Sometimes use of information technology at all levels without imposing checks and balances, can be exploited by employees and the purpose of use of IT tools is lost. It is better to make a controlled and filtered use of IT systems. For example, disallowing access to social networks for employees can benefit in terms of time efficiency.

Also, if you are dealing with customers directly, providing a quality customer service can help to increase productivity of your business. An increased loyalty of customers will translate into higher sales turnover of your products and services, and will impact the overall output, especially if it is linked to a demand and sales option.


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    Automation and IT Tools

    In the current era of marketing-oriented economy and competitive markets nature, almost all business are required to be efficient. All companies can add up to their profitability by bringing more efficiency to their productivity. In this regard, automation and use of information technology are must to improve operational efficiency by minimizing delays and troubles.

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    Use of Better Internal Communication Tools

    With use of information technology tools, use of better internal communication tools also adds up to time efficiency and avoid delays. For example, an efficient internal chat system to convey employees messages quickly can help increase time efficiency by a greater margin, and this will have an impact on the overall output.

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    Filtered or Controlled Use of IT Tools

    Allowing too much freedom to employees in access of information technology use can also become anĀ impedimentĀ in the way to increase productivity. For example, allowing free and full access to social networks can be exploited by employees and this might turn out to be one of the greatest reasons behind frequent delays and hurdles in the way of service delivery.

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    Incentives for Employees

    In the present time, motivating employees is more fruitful and can help increase productivity significantly. For example, incentives to employees in form of bonuses on achievement of certain targets will motivate employees to put more efforts, or at least increase their time efficiency.

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    Flexible Schedules

    Making employees to work in longer shifts without any breaks in between can have a negative impact on their work efficiency. This will make them more tired, lazy and less interested in their work. So offer flexible working schedules and give them sufficient breaks to rest, get fresh and then take on the work with more energy and focus.

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    Customer Services

    Providing quality customer service can directly or indirectly help your business productivity. If customers are maltreated at the counters of your business, this will turn them off and they will look for other businesses to acquire products and services.

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