How to Increase Dopamine

The dopamine generally created by your brain makes you feel better. You get a lot of dopamine in response to pleasurable practices such as eating food or performing sexual activities. On the other hand, without dopamine, you might feel indolent, uninterested and depressed in life. Therefore, try a few different methods to increase your dopamine levels if you are feeling a bit down.


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    Boost dopamine through diet, exercise and proper rest

    Consume foods that are rich in tyrosine. Avocados, almonds, bananas, lima beans, low-fat dairy, pumpkin and sesame seeds may all aid your body to produce extra dopamine. Moreover, also increase your consumption of antioxidants. Dopamine can be oxidized easily and antioxidants may decrease free radical damage to the brain cells that create excess dopamine. A number of fruits and vegetables are highly rich in antioxidants such as greens, orange vegetable and fruits, broccoli, beets, asparagus.

    Moreover, vitamin C consisting peppers, oranges, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and strawberries along with vitamin E vegetables like nuts, sunflower seeds, broccoli, carrots and greens are also rich in antioxidants. You should also avoid foods that inhibit brain function. These foods include refined packaged products, refined white flour, caffeine, cholesterol, sugars and saturated fats.

    Get involved in a physical activity on a regular basis. Exercises boost blood calcium, which stimulates dopamine production and uptake in your brain. Perform 30 to 60 minutes of swimming, jogging or walking to start boosting your dopamine level. Also get a lot of rest. Your brain utilises very little dopamine when you are sleeping, which helps you to build up your supply consistently for the upcoming day. You should sleep for at least eight hours every night.

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    Increase dopamine by taking supplements

    Try the supplement option. A number of physicians advise Vitamin B6 supplements and L-Phenylalanine to increase the level of dopamine in the brain. You can easily get any of these supplements at your local drugstore.

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    Raise dopamine level through medication

    Take medication in order to boost your dopamine intake. Depending on the symptoms you are showing, your medical examiner can prescribe medication that will increase your dopamine levels. If you are finding it hard to cope with tasks and exhibiting hyperactivity, your doctor can give you psychostimulants such as Ritalin to stimulate dopamine production in the brain.

    Furthermore, low dopamine levels are normally linked with depression. You can discuss with your doctor about taking an antidepressant if natural ways don’t work to relieve symptoms of low energy.

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