How to Induce an Out of Body Experience

An Out of Body experience or OBE is a state in which your body is at one place, but your mind is totally at another. It is as if you are floating around like a free soul, without actually dying. There are many ways through which this feeling can be induced, like various methods of meditation, but people can also have this experience when they face near death experiences.

In this article, we will go through the techniques and environmental parametres required to induce an OBE.


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    Seek a calm and relaxing place

    Watch out for a calm and quiet place in or even outside your house. You need to make sure that no one disturbs you. The best time for out of body experiences is from 4 am to 6 am. This is because trying OBEs at night will lead you in sleeping.

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    Seek a comfortable posture

    You need to figure out a comfortable position. It can either be sitting or lying down, depending upon your preference. The recommended method is sitting, because people often tend to sleep as soon as they lie down.

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    Relax by allowing yourself to almost asleep. However, there is a fine line here and you should not actually sleep or else you won’t have an out of body experience. Remember to keep reminding yourself ‘Mind awake-body Asleep.’

    Through this method, you will gradually start becoming less aware of what is in the surroundings. You need to continue relaxing until you feel a vibrating sensation and hear sounds similar to wind. After a few moments, your body will be still and everything will be silent.

    Keep in mind that when your body is paralysed, you will feel like a lead blanket is over you. However, you should be able to move your nose, face, eyes and mouth.

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    Going into the astral phase

    Now it is time for you to go into the astral phase. You need to feel that your imaginary hands are climbing up a rope. Image that your are climbing in complete darkness. After a few moments, you will feel that you have climbed yourself out of your body. In case you are feeling vibrations during this process, you need to relax more.

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    Get the Astral View

    You can now open your astral eyes and enjoy the view.

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