How to Insert a Hearing Aid

People who suffer with Tinnitus, a disease in which the inner cells of the ear get damaged, usually use hearing aids in order to hear even low-pitched voices or sounds clearly. The hearing aids play a vital role in making people, who are suffering with tinnitus, able to hear all voices just like normal human beings. However, it is a bit tricky to insert the hearing aids into the ears because if they are not inserted properly then these hearing aids will not give you best results. Keep reading to learn how to insert hearing aids into your ears properly.


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    First of all, you need to select hearing aids which are appropriate in size according to your ears and you feel comfortable when your physician inserts these hearing aids into your ears for the first time.

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    It will also give you a better idea whether the hearing aids are properly fixed in your ears or they are loose and can fall down while running or doing some other physical tasks.

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    For inserting hearing aid into the ear, the most important thing is that you need to keep checking that aid is intact and gain is turned down to the lowest level which will avoid you having any unexpected and sudden noise while inserting the aid into your ear.

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    You should hold the hearing aid by using your index finger and thumb but make sure you do not press it that can damage the aid.

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    Now slowly and carefully slide the hearing aid inside your ear making sure that the gain is facing upwards. Take it out if you feel uncomfortable and repeat the process until you feel no itching or discomfort.

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    Make sure you insert the hearing aid slowly which will help you avoiding any disapproving situation. You should keep in mind that the hearing aid should remain intact when you place it in your year.

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    When you are done with inserting the hearing aid into your ear then adjust it gently and make sure you are completely comfortable with it. Repeat the process with your other ear if it also has the same problem and requires hearing aid.

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    Now it’s time to test the hearing aids and for that purpose you need to push the power button to turning it on. Then adjust volume knob on the unit to a level where you feel comfortable with the surrounding sounds.

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