How to Interpret Abstract Art

Abstract art is generally considered as a complicated form of art because many people fail to understand the theme of an abstract painting. However, understanding the abstract art is not that complicated because it only requires you to generate a feeling in your heart and mind which will enable you to comprehend the idea of the artist easily. Usually the abstract art invokes feelings among people but those people fail to grab the idea of art work who try to judge it from its appearance. Keep reading to learn valuable ideas that will teach you how to interpret abstract art.


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    First of all, you need to understand the basic fact that the abstract art is more concerned with the feelings not only of the artist but also of the viewers.

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    The artist tries to invoke feelings of the viewers by creating a fascinating abstract painting and there are a large number of people who feel the real essence of the painting through their feelings.

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    You should look at the art work of an abstract painting and let your feelings flow freely without searching for the meanings of that painting. Try to focus on the piece as a whole without identifying each part of the abstract painting.

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    While observing the abstract art, you should ask questions to yourself about the colours, textures and shadows of the paint used by the artist.

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    Try to grab an idea about the colours by observing that these different colours are complementing each other of they are giving a completely contrasting or contradicting touch.

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    You should try to probe into your heart to find out the feelings that this abstract painting evokes. The shapes and colours of the painting will create feelings and you will easily comprehend the idea that the artist wants to covey to the viewers.

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    Try to identify the mode or type of feeling by observing the abstract art. Usually abstract paintings provoke feelings of happiness, hate, fear, turmoil, sadness, anxiety, strife, hope and excitement.

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    You should also pay attention to the title or the caption of a piece of abstract art. The title or caption will help you to understand the abstract art work in an effective and appropriate manner because some titles explain everything.

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