How to Keep a Dust Mop Clean

A dust mop will perform its duty of cleaning floor and removing dust as long as it is clean. When the mop becomes too dirty, it will spread around the dust instead of cleaning the surface. In this case, you need to clean your dust mop. Some dust mops like synthetic-blend mops can be cleaned directly through washing machines. However, mop heads made up of cotton or other material will be torn if put in washing machines. You can clean up your dust mops after implying few simple steps.

Things Required:

– Bucket
– Warm water
– Liquid laundry detergent
– Dowel or large spoon


  • 1

    Fill up a bucket

    First of all, get a bucket and add one or two gallons of water. After filling up, you need to mix laundry detergent into it.  Remember to pour warm water in the bucket.

  • 2

    Detach the mop head

    After filling up the bucket with water and detergent, you need to detach the head of your mop. Dust mops come in different types so you need to follow proper instructions in removing the mop head. You can pull it out by uniting it first or by removing it as it is from the metal frame.

  • 3

    Place the mop head in the bucket

    Next you need to put the mop inside the bucket containing warm water and detergent. Then stir the head inside the bucket with help of a large spoon or dowel. Leave the head in the soapy warm water for almost an hour.

  • 4

    Soak it again

    After placing the mop head in the soap water for an hour, you need to drain the water. Pour in fresh water and add laundry detergent again. Stir the mop head once more in this solution and leave it for few minutes.

  • 5


    You need to rinse the mop head with warm water after soaking it again. Then rinse it again but use cold water this time. In the end, hang it to dry. In case the weather is warm, you can hang it outside.

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