How to Kill a Furby

Furby, at one point in the past, was one of the most wanted and loved toys around the world due to its complex facial movements and the ability to speak what it learned from the owner. It is an electronic stuffed animal that is manufactured by Tiger Electronics and continues to be popular amongst children.

Whether you want to kill your Furby, or any other as a matter of fact, it is quite simple and easy to do. Sometimes, the main reason behind wanting to kill a Furby could be the toy beginning to beep and speak at random times when it should not. This is nothing to worry about but just a part of its embedded chip and should not be considered harmful or possessed by a supernatural being.


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    Take out Batteries

    This is the most obvious and easiest way to kill off the Furby toy as batteries are its main and only source of power. Without the batteries in place, the Furby will not be able to beep nor will it talk anymore. This can be done by removing the plastic latch on the bottom of the toy, but if it continues to move and talk, we may have serious issues.

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    Resetting Furby

    If you want to donate the toy or just for the sake of renewing the toy, wiping its memory clean is another good method to kill a Furby. Using a pen or pencil to press down the embedded button near the battery casing for a few seconds, but remember, this method will not clear out the memory and what it has learned from you.

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    Completely Wiping Furby

    In order to completely wipe your Furby’s memory clean of anything that it has learned since you being its owner is also quite simple to do. Like resetting the toy, you have to press the reset button with a pen or pencil and press a switch, which is located inside of its mouth, at the same time. This will result is you completely erasing Furby’s memory along with returning it to its original factory settings.

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    Donate Furby

    If you are fed up with Furby and annoyed of it talking continuously, you can always donate the toy to a child who deserves it and may not be able to purchase one for himself or herself. Donating personally is the best way, but organizations like the Salvation Army also get the job done.

    Just remember to wipe its memory clean to avoid any embarrassing words being spoken by Furby.

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