How to Kill Weeds Without Chemicals Using Salt

Weeds are the most unwanted and disapproving small plants that spring up in the cracks on your driveways, sidewalks and patios and give a shabby look. People usually use chemicals to remove these weeds from their yards, sidewalks or driveways but these chemicals are very dangerous for your health as well because they make the environment of your home polluted. You can also kill the weeds by using salt (sodium chloride) which is very effective in getting rid of weeds from your home. Keep reading this port to learn how to kill weeds by using salt not chemicals.

Things Required:

– Salt
– Water
– Spray bottle
– Stove


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    First of all, you should plan using salt to remove weeds from the areas like sidewalks, driveways and patios of your home. However, do not use salt to remove weeds that have sprung out in your lawn besides other plants because salt will also kill other plants as well.

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    You should put a gallon of water on stove and add salt in it. You should wait until the salt gets fully dissolved in the hot water. You will observe that the mixture of salt and water has become like salt brine.

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    Turn off the stove and wait for almost 20 to 30 minutes until the salt brine become fully cool. Now take a spray bottle and fill it with this salt brine. Make sure the bottle is big enough to cover a large area which will help you to spray on all weeds with a single bottle.

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    Now take this spray bottle full of salt brine and spray it on the weeds. You should soak the stems and leaves of these weeds which will bring desired results.

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    Make sure you do not leave any leaves during spray because these leaves will again spring out and you will not be able to get rid of weeds.

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    You should repeat the same process for a gap of almost 24 hours. You just need to spray on these weeds for two to three times and you will see that all of the weeds get killed with the salty water and without taking help from any sort of chemicals.

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    However, you should avoid spreading salty water on the ground as it will affect the soil as well and it will become useless for growing any type of plants.

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