How to Kill Winter Grass

Winter grass consists of smooth light green leaves that harm the beauty of your lawn.  Despite its unpleasant appearance, winter grass continues to harm your lawn until you kill it. It damages your lawn due to its root system which resembles the spider’s web. The white roots quickly spread and damage root system of your lawn. Winter grass not only affects your lawn and damages its root system in winter but it harms throughout the year. Even if you cannot see the winter grass, its root system lowers nutrient intake by your lawn.


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    Cultural Management

    Cultural methods consist of providing proper water for your lawn especially in summer season. This will lead to a healthy lawn. You need to regularly mow your lawn in summer and less frequent mowing in winter. Regularly mowing in early morning will develop turf density and thickness of your lawn. For winter you should eye not to mow your lawn. However, mowing will reduce the growth of winter grass seeds and flowers. Remember to mow your lawn with a grass catcher which will lower the spreading of weed seeds.

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    Chemical methods

    Caring of your lawn with chemical methods include fertilizing your lawn with organic or inorganic fertilizers. You can also take care of your lawn with chemical weed control with both pre-emergent and post emergent weed control herbicides.

    Treatment of winter grass involves a poison which counters with its root system. After you add the herbicide to the affected area, lightly water it so the poison reaches winter grass’ roots.

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    Pre-emergent treatment

    The best time to treat is when the weed has germinated. Remember that it should be before it appears in your lawn. In case you have winter grass a year before, you will definitely have it again this year. You should apply the treatment after winter grass is germinated i.e. in April or May.

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    Late treatment

    You need to treat the winter grass when it is growing or young. In case it is matured, the poison will not work and you will need to wait for a whole year. Usually after June, the effect of poison weakens.

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    Despite its treatment, winter grass’ root system will stay in your lawn for a long time as it debases slowly. You need to remove the central and innermost part in order to get rid of unwanted root system. This will result in more area for your lawn to lay new roots. Coring will also result in recovering at a better rate.

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